Tim Matson - Guitar, Harmonica, Vocal

Tim Matson was born in Cleveland at a very young age and grew up in East Cleveland. His father was a Cleveland Orchestra percussionist who played jazz piano and drums and Tim was exposed to jazz and classical music at a young age. Like most of his generation he then discovered the Beatles and top forty radio, and around this time started learning guitar. He first played in public with a highschool rock band, but soon became a blues fanatic after hearing the latest albums by B.B., Albert and Freddie King on the early FM rock stations. He then formed a basement blues/rock band and gradually became well schooled in blues and jazz history.

In the fall of 1975 he began sitting in with the locally legendary Mr. Stress Blues Band and ended up staying nine years, learning the ropes of the bar band business and appearing on Stress's first album.

In 1984 Tim joined Aces & Eights out of Athens Ohio. A year later they disbanded and reformed in Cleveland with Keith White, Mike Modlin (also formerly with Stress) and Raymond DeForest, who had joined Stress right after Tim and had been in the basement band bfore that. This band played around Ohio and opened shows for John Lee Hooker, Lonnie Mack, Roy Buchanan and others.

In '88 Tim formed Natural Facts with Modlin, DeForest and drummer Denny Melreit. He sent a tape to Alligator Records and in 1990 blues legend Son Seals recorded Tim's "Frigidaire Woman" on his "Living in the Danger Zone" album. This led to many openers including three with Seals, on one of which Seals brought Tim back on stage to join him for "Frigidaire" and Jr. Parker's "Mother In Law Blues". Other openers included Buckwheat Zydeco, Travis Haddix, The Kinsey Report and Blues Traveler.

By "93 gigs were drying up and people took whatever gigs they could get, Which led Tim and Modlin to try a duo, keeping the Natural Facts name. They found their warmest welcome at the Barking Sipder Tavern and over the next two decades they would record two Cds and continue to play locally. They spent a couple of years during this time also backing bluesman Wallace Coleman at clubs and festivals (including King Biscut in Helena Arkansas in 2001) and appearing on Coleman's "Live at Joe's" CD.

A few years later the duo began backing vocalist Becky Boyd and this soon became their main gig. In 2010 Becky and Tim competed in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, recording a CD for the occasion and making the finals in the Solo/Duo category, putting them in the top eight out of a hundred.

In 2011 Tim started playing solo, mixing his originals with blues, ballads, and anything he is moved to play, and recorded his "Can't Blame the Band CD. He plans to pursue this path while cotinuing to play with Mike and Becky and whatever else may come along, always grateful to play and be heard.

UPDATE;  In 2011 Tim was approached by drummer Anthony Lovano and Bassist Jeff Anastasia to join their "L.A. Project" (named for their initials, not Los Angeles) and has since been busy playing funky blues and jazz around town with this group, which just released their first CD produced by legendary sax master Joe Lovano (Anthony's brother). Tim is continuing to also play solo and with Becky Boyd and is exited about things to come!

As of 2016 things are really hopping. The Supernatural Band with Anthony Lovano has been the perfect vehicle for the Blues/Jazz borderline music Tim always wanted to play. Also Neon Don & Friends, Curmudgen Trio, playing solo and subbing for various people are keeping the music going stronger than ever!



Available in 2020; The latest solo CD, Ten From My Pen and the Anthony Lovano's Supernatural Bamd CD Blues and Beyond. The latest and greatest from T.M. Don't miss 'em!